The Širca family started writing the story of viticulture more than 100 years ago. At the time, they were considered advanced winegrowers, as they grafted Refosco vines (from which Teran is made) and supplied the entire Karst with these grafts. Their success is proven by the recognition to Viktor Širca from 1911 in Vienna.

Recognition to Viktor Širca


In 1992, two brothers-in-law, Edvin Širca and Stane Kodrič, created the brand ŠIRCA-KODRIČ, which still impresses many with its wines. Today, the whole family is involved in viticulture, but the most important role is played by Martina and Mateja Kodrič, who are taking over the management of the homestead under the supervision of their father and uncle. Hard work and dedication of all members is reflected in quality wines and other Karst delicacies. Many gold and silver medals, won in various contests, are proof of their success.

Edvin Širca, Mateja Kodrič, Martina Kodrič and Stane Kodrič.